Pax Somnius

Holmberg 15A

Project Holmberg I will update after the mixer goes live on mainnet.

The End Of Roe v Wade

The suspension of Roe v Wade My initial though was WTF, this has to be an Onion article I had missed the memo leak of the impending doom of RVW, because I have been working full time lately at the...

Sagittarius A

Sagittarius A Beta So the team has put togeather a quick testnet app for the saga mixer most of the credit can go to Tiny Leaf Greens in terms of coding the initial design logic. Saga Testnet Beta

The state of the Top DEFI protocols and their pros and cons for a beginner crypto developer.

Due to the interest of my first reddit post on why I chose Algorand as the platform for my initial foray into blockchain development and a few comments asking for my impressions of other DeFi proto...

First Post

Hello is anyone out there! If you are reading this congratulations you now have an unfiltered portal directly into the depths of my thoughts. I will run this blog completly unfiltered and aim to ho...